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Además de mi formación en el Desarrollo Aplicaciones Mutiplataforma, estoy acabando mi formación en otro sector el cual adoro: la nutrición deportiva. Es por ello que estoy inmerso en los últimos años de doctorado y, hasta la fecha, he realizado las siguientes publicaciones:

Título: Acute Effects of Beetroot Juice Supplements on Resistance Training: A Randomized Double-Blind Crossover

Autores: Antonio Ranchal-Sanchez, Victor Manuel Diaz-Bernier, Candelaria Alonso De, Francisco Jesus Llorente-Cantarero, Julian Campos-Perez, Jose Manuel Jurado-Castro

Fecha Publicación: Junio 2020

Enlace: ResearchgateMDPI


The ingestion of beetroot juice (BJ) has been associated with improvements in physical performance in endurance sports, however the literature on resistance training (RT) is scarce. The aim of this study was to investigate the acute effects of BJ compared to a placebo (PLA) on muscular endurance and movement concentric velocity during RT. Twelve healthy men performed an incremental RT test (back squat and bench press) with three sets, at 60%, 70%, and 80% of their repetition maximum (1-RM). Movement velocity variables, total number of repetitions performed until concentric failure, blood lactate, and ratings of perceived effort post-training were measured. A higher number of repetitions were recorded with BJ compared to those with PLA (13.8 ± 14.4; p < 0.01; effect size (ES) = 0.6). Differences were found at 60% 1-RM (9 ± 10; p < 0.05; ES = 0.61) and 70% 1-RM (3.1 ± 4.8; p < 0.05; ES = 0.49), however, no differences were found at 80% 1-RM (1.7 ± 1; p = 0.12; ES = 0.41). A greater number of repetitions was performed in back squat (13.4 ± 13; p < 0.01; ES = 0.77), but no differences were observed in bench press (0.4 ± 5.1; p = 0.785; ES = 0.03). No differences were found for the rest of the variables (p > 0.05). Acute supplementation of BJ improved muscular endurance performance in RT..




Título: Influence of Substances Present in Energy and Sports Drinks in Improving Athletic Performance

Autores: J. Campos-Pérez & F. Cámara-Martos

Fecha Publicación: Mayo 2019

Enlace: ResearchgateScienceDirect


In the last few years the sports world, both professional and amateur, has seen an improvement in the number of athletes, as much as the disciplines practiced. This improvement has motivated the economic concern on the development of different supplements such as energy drinks. These drinks should be geared to improve sport performance in several aspects such as aerobic and anaerobic endurance, strength and muscle power, and even athlete’s cognitive level. We found caffeine, taurine, guarana, and ginseng, and also different multivitamin and mineral complexes as examples of substances that are added to improve sport performance. The effect of these substances on the sport performance must be reviewed to determine if they imply the supposed improvement in the sport performance, and if they can imply different health issues or the involvement of the athlete in a doping situation. Taking into account all the above, the present chapter examines all these subjects in greater depth.